Do I really need time tracking software?

We answer your concerns

Can’t decide whether you need time tracking software? It can make a major difference to a company’s productivity, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Whether it’s a multinational wanting global oversight of its business practices, a company based over two or three sites that needs to know what each location is up to, or a freelancer who needs a visual of hours spent on a job, time tracking software is certainly the answer.

While using a pen and paper to track time is better than nothing, it can be cumbersome and inaccurate. The beauty of tools such as TallyPro is that measurements are accurate, easy to enter and simple to turn into charts and other visuals.

Measuring productivity becomes a cinch because it’s right there in front of you. Dave completed this in three hours, Gemma spent four hours on this job, and Pete endured a full eight hours completing paperwork for that nightmare client. With time tracking tools we can keep on looking at these employees, and continuously assess how much time is spent on each job.

I don’t think I need time tracking software…

Still not convinced? Here we address some of the most common concerns stopping people from implementing a time tracking tool…   

Can it help me quote for jobs and stay on top of my workload?

Yup and yup. All of a sudden you have loads of detailed information to hand. Click to view how long a job takes, and how much time is being spent on delivery.

With time tracking software you now have data that can help when bidding for new work. Perhaps the data collected shows that creating a basic website or servicing that boiler room takes X hours. You’ll know that for sure the next time you tender.

As for existing clients, if you don’t record the time you actually spend on a job, you can’t bill them for it. If 10 drivers each spend 20 minutes extra per day on a contract, that’s – erm – yes, 200 minutes of unpaid work, which is almost 1,000 hours over the course of a year. By accurately tracking each employee’s time, you will be able to earn what you deserve for the time you put in.

If you employ freelancers, you can now track their work and make sure you are not about to be smacked with a crippling bill.

Won’t clients be put off by all this data?

No. Clients love to ask questions, and now you’ll have all the answers. If they want an update on status, or ask who’s working on a particular project, you’ll now have all the information to hand.

Having all this information reflects well on you as this kind of investment is suggestive of a professional outfit.

They will also benefit from the efficiencies and the business and strategic improvements you make as a result of having all this extra information to hand.

What are the business and strategic improvements?

By choosing time tracking tools you are taking greater control of your business. The tools can give you a 360-degree view of projects, so it becomes much easier to assess success and failings.

Jobs can now be entered into the system, and their status can be constantly updated so that everyone knows where they stand. While a number of departments being involved in a task can lead to obfuscation, now there is clarity as to how a job is progressing.

By fully embracing the technology, a regular study of progress can assist in making better business decisions in the future. If you identified that freelancers were brought in a week too early, you will know to avoid that waste next time.

So it sounds like there are benefits, but will the workforce hate it?

They shouldn’t. Rather than being a Big Brother watching an employee’s every move, effectively pressing a stopwatch when they head to the bathroom, time tracking software offered by market leaders such as TallyPro can be liberating.

For one it enables the team to take ownership of their workload. They can see jobs in the queue, and when the task begins they are charged with entering their own details. Their work can become a personal challenge, perhaps seeing if they can beat their previous time or hit a target.

So many workers out there will actually thrive because of time tracking. Millions are working extra hours because they take pride in their job, and time tracking tools provide evidence of their efforts.

Well, sounds great, but I’m terrible with technology. Will I need a new IT division?

Definitely not! The beauty of TallyPro’s platform is that it’s so simple to use and easy to access. Take a look at this review. The review done by forms part of their coverage of the best time tracking software.

With a cloud-based system the entire team will be able to quickly and accurately enter time data, regardless of where they are and what they’re doing. Everyone can have access to the latest data from their chosen device, whether it be phone, tablet or desktop.