Omega Partnership

Structuring time successfully

What they needed

Omega Partnership are a Surrey-based firm of architects. They needed a new time tracking system for their growing team which could capture time, expenses and costs associated with their broad portfolio of projects.

Capture detail and be simple to use

The system needed to both capture the level of information necessary to satisfy their client’s billing requirements and to be flexible and easy to use for a large team.

Omega Partnership users

Omega Partnership have a team of over 22 users based in a single office, who frequently travel to client sites and projects as required

Rollout time

The deployment was completed in less than 2 weeks.


We configured a number of special variance reports to deliver clear budget versus actual information as it related to job costs, billings and budgets.

User roles

Most users are set up as timesheet only with a central administration team handling the management functions.


Omega Partnership now has a robust, easy to use time sheet system which allows fast and strategic management of their client portfolio. They can easily determine the performance of their jobs and projects with clear, up to date reporting.