Strutt & Parker

Tracking success with TallyPro


We have supplied time tracking software and client / job costing systems for the prestigious international estate agents Strutt & Parker for over 20 years. All their UK offices now use a fully customised version of TallyPro that can be accessed via a browser from anywhere.

A Strutt & Parker tailored solution

A key requirement was the ability to log different types of work – management work – fee based work and administrative tasks. Management jobs and administrative tasks can be ‘cleared down’ at the end of the financial year, whilst retaining the underlying data for employee performance analysis.

We created a standalone data entry module enabling Strutt & Parker employees to enter their own time sheets without having the main program installed on their workstation.

Custom reporting for Strutt & Parker

A range of custom reports can be generated in an Excel compatible spreadsheet that can be altered by partners and staff, using existing spreadsheet skills, then synchronised back with the program database.

Trusted partners

Our length of involvement with Strutt & Parker demonstrates our willingness to work with clients as they grow, and technology changes. We get to know our client’s real needs, build a solution that meets these, then evolve the approach as needs change, to constantly deliver an up to date, relevant tailored solution.

With over 30 years’ experience in creating custom solutions for clients, we can deliver the timekeeping and billing solution you need.