Maximise recovery

Time is money

Have you ever got to the end of a busy day, and wondered where the time went? Sometimes no matter how well your time is planned, there are interruptions: random client calls and queries. Do you capture the time spent on those? It all adds up.

Recording the time you spend throughout the day helps ensure you’re billing for all the work you do, and that’s you’re not ‘giving away’ value. It will also help identify where time is being spent, and on what.

TallyPro’s time tracking software for accountants can easily capture every part of the day: adding value, and generating a full return on your work.

Better visibility

Gaining full visibility of the time you spend puts you in control. Do you know how long you’re really spending preparing customer’s accounts? How much time do different tasks take? Do you benchmark different customer types and tasks? Which are the most profitable? How long do you typically spend on different tasks?

Are you able to record time spent on different client assignments and break this down to different activity types? Are you really charging enough for the work you do?

Though an easy to use, simple to set up time recording platform, TallyPro can help answer these questions and more. Our time tracking software is an invaluable tool that will give greater insight into your business activity, free up more time for chargeable work, and simplify your costing model.

Flexible solutions

You may be hesitant to invest in time recording software because you ‘work slightly differently’ or are worried about the costs to set up something that works the way you do.

Don’t be. We’ve worked on many, many successful timesheet implementations and specialise in offering a completely tailored approach to match your needs.

TallyPro offers the best of both worlds: an online time recording platform for accountants, that’s simple to set up, with fixed monthly costs for our fully supported service, plus a tailored solution, customised to your individual needs, at no additional cost.

Reporting and insights for accountants

Our time management software provides the reporting and analysis capabilities that accountants need to help review performance. Review time spent by employee, department, and activity. Analyse productivity between individuals or departments.

Analyse work done for specific clients, review time spent against fixed fees charged, or learn about your billable tracked hours in real time.

Identify your most profitable activities / jobs or clients. See how staff are used across the business. Because TallyPro time tracking makes it so easy to record activities and charge codes, the level of detail and opportunities for reporting and analysis are vast. Once you’ve seen the possibilities our time recording software opens up, we think you’ll agree it’s an invaluable and time saving tool for your business.

So much more

TallyPro is so much more than a time recording system. In addition to the reporting and analysis functions, we offer full integration to systems like Sage, Xero, Kashflow enabling you to auto generate invoices for clients too. We’ll work with you to find ways of speeding up your billing processes.