Your time. Your way

Time tracking software for agencies

Multiple agency types use TallyPro time tracking to record the time spent on projects.

We understand that each business likes to do things slightly differently, so at no additional cost to you, we’ll work out what your time recording and time management needs are, discuss the issues you have with your existing time sheet systems, and tailor a solution that works just for you.

Your own tailored time tracking software: to record the time you spend and create the reports you need.

Making it easier

Regardless of how you work: whether you charge by the hour, or on a fixed price basis, agencies need to keep control of time spent, classifying your activity by billable, non-billable categories, projects and clients.

TallyPro’s time tracking software for agencies gives you total control over time recording, and numerous ways to analyse the data you log.  Using our time recording software makes reporting and billing incredibly simple to set up and use, all from a web based time recording platform.

You won’t be manually processing time sheet entries, or spending time creating reports using multiple systems and technologies. Our simple to use powerful time recording software gives agencies the data you need, when, and how you need it.


If you’re out at meetings, or client sites, log time on our mobile solution. Our time sheet software is incredibly simple use whatever situation you’re in.


Recording your data your way

We’ll configure your time tracker specifically for you. Need different charge-out rates, your own cost codes, account references, and departments? No problem. The structure will match your requirements.

We offer simple, powerful time recording and time billing for agencies.

Seen that before

After many years tailoring timekeeping solutions for agency customers, we’ve seen lots of different approaches and requirements. The chances are we will have encountered most issues before, and have a solution to them. But we treat each customer as an individual: we are there to meet your time recording needs. We’ll draw on our experience and capabilities to deliver a time tracker that works for you.


Based on the time recorded under the categories and codes you specify, TallyPro offers powerful reporting capabilities. For example, instantly produce reports of:

  • Time spent per job
  • Actual v budget
  • Variance analysis

These reports with detailed breakdowns are useful for internal analysis or to justify billing or justifying fees to clients.

With TallyPro time recording software you have total visibility of activity, and are able to monitor performance against targets.  This detailed level of data and ease of access give agencies the power to review and make informed decisions. Could you benefit from detailed activity breakdowns for pricing new work? They’re right here in your time recording solution.

Monitor performance

The power is in your hands: with TallyPro online time recording you have a window into activity, profitability, and progress across your entire business. Analyse your agency staff’s performance by activity, job or time of day. It’s up to you.

Compare staff performance by location, check progress against targets, or review resourcing levels. Our employee time tracking systems put all of this data in your hands.


TallyPro is so much more than a way to record time. We deliver full integration with billing systems including Sage/Xero/Kashflow to generate invoices automatically based on time that’s been recorded in defined periods.