Works the way you do

Designed for you

TallyPro is the perfect time tracking software for architects in any size practice or those working individually.

At no additional cost to you, we’ll discuss your requirements, clarify the challenges you face with your existing timesheet systems, and define a solution that works for you: enabling you to record time spent and generate reports effortlessly.

Depth of experience

We have many years’ experience of tailoring time tracking solutions to the exact needs of architects, updating them as the client needs mature, and providing consistent, reliable service.

Time tracking software for architects

However you work: whether on hourly fee, fixed fee or percentage of contract, keeping control of time spent, and classifying your activity into billable, non-billable categories and projects is essential.  Giving you control

Our integrated system offers total control and flexible options for recording time, analysing time spent, reporting and billing in an incredibly simple to set up and use web based time recording platform.

No more manual collation of time sheet entries, or complex manipulation of data in unfriendly time logging alternatives. TallyPro provides the information you need when you need it, and in the right format.


  • Log time spent out on site, with our mobile solution.
  • The simple easy to access time recording software helps architects accurately record the time you spend wherever you are.
  • Configure different charge rates, set up your own cost codes, and departments – the choice is up to you.
  • Time recording and time billing has never been simpler, or more powerful.

Reporting for architects

TallyPro’s powerful reporting capabilities: enable you to generate instant reports on for example, actuals against budget, variance analysis, all the detail you may need to justify additional billing or time recovery over agreed fees.

Our tailored time management software gives you complete visibility to monitor performance against targets.  Through recording time accurately, TallyPro equips you with the data to make more informed and accurate tender prices in the future, based on actual past performance.

Performance and resource planning

TallyPro online time recording gives you unique insights into profitability across all projects, jobs and clients, and the power to analyse staff performance against budgets or targets.

Perhaps you want to analyse staff performance across the business against targets, or see exactly how staff are allocated: we can set up all the time reporting options you need to do this.

Integrated billing

In addition to logging and recording time, TallyPro time recording offers full integration with systems like Sage/Xero/Kashflow for auto generating invoices to clients, based on work completed.