Track ALL your time

Don’t miss a minute

Our simple to use time tracking software ensures contractors capture ALL the time you spend for clients: maximising recovery, and minimising the hassle of recording, reporting and billing for time spent.

Record every second you spent with TallyPro’s simple and straightforward interface.

Giving contractors more

You’ll be up and running in minutes, with our time recording solution, that does so much more than recording time: billing integration, and reporting capabilities to help you analyse in detail how and where you’re charging time.

Time tracking software for contractors

If you need more than an out of the box setup for time recording which is perfect for contractors: you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll sit down, and work out your requirements, then tailor a solution for you, matching the way you work, and your specific cost code, or project allocation needs. At no extra cost!

We can include your logos, language, and billing method for a unique time management system designed for your needs.

This is all included in your monthly licence fee.

Saving you time

Does admin take up too much of your time? Do you have to manually collate information on time spent to generate reports? TallyPro takes away the stress, and simplifies everything from recording time in the first place, to cataloguing expenses and generating invoices.

Our time recording software is fully integrated, and customisable for your requirements. Saving you time and effort to concentrate on chargeable work for your clients.

Request a demo today, and let us show you just how easily you could track time and review where you are spending time with our easy to use, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

Greater visibility

Recording time with TallyPro delivers an exceptional wealth of data that can deliver useful insights, visibility and control over how resources are being used. You can generate reports in real time, check current billing statues, hours yet to be billed, by customer, project or other variables you define.

We can help contractors

  • Log hours spent
  • Record time on projects in different places
  • Log time spent on different phases of a project
  • Log time on fixed price jobs
  • Report actuals against budgets, variance analysis
  • Justify additional billing/time recovery v Agreed fees
  • Check performance against target
  • View past performance to estimate fixed fee contracts
  • Handle different charge rates, and non-chargeable work
  • Analyse profitability across all projects/jobs/clients
  • Forecast profitability across all projects/jobs/clients
  • Review time spent across projects / job types / activities
  • Automatically generate invoices
  • Integrate billing with your chosen accounting package