Learning Academies

Lessons in time

Time management

TallyPro is the perfect time tracking software for Learning Academies – the ideal solution for busy professionals, who need a quick and simple way to record their time.

We’re increasingly working in the education sector, with Learning Academies, who need access to quality information on how staff spend their time, and the activities they’re engaged in.

This is a relatively new and exciting application of our extensive knowledge and experience of time tracking software, which brings a wealth of information to learning academy decision makers. With accurate time recording, Learning Academies are able to build up a far more complete picture of how time is spent, where, and what’s being done.

Resource planning

The insights gained from our time recording software enable academies to better forecast resourcing needs, identify resource productivity levels, review cost implications, and plan staffing levels, in a far more scientific way than has previously been possible.

Teacher uptake

So far teachers have welcomed the introduction of our time recording software, because it enables them to demonstrate the range and extent of tasks they do, without any effort, using the simple app we give them. Staff can log hours throughout the day, with no need for connectivity throughout, then update when they have a connection if necessary.

Managers reactions

So far managers love the ease of generating real time reports, the flexibility we provide to slice and dice data and review exactly the information they need to support decision making.

It takes the guesswork out of resourcing, and clearly reveals where resources and time are being spent.

Insights for Learning Academies

The TallyPro online time recording software has made a previously unachievable level of analysis possible. The possibilities are endless. For example: comparing the ratio of planning to delivery, or the levels of prep across different years, or groups within a year, or hours of planning to classroom time to time spent marking.

Recording time accurately and easily provides numerous possibilities for insight and resource optimisation.

We can help YOU

Are you a learning academy or academic institution that doesn’t currently record time in a simple way that enables you to collate data and analyse reports?

Why not call us to discuss your specific needs. We have years of experience in time recording software implementations in large and small scale deployments, and will work with you at no additional charge to deliver a simple to use timesheet system that delivers powerful results in the format you need.