Taking care of time

Time is money

Resources are precious in all organisations, but particularly in the NHS. We are acutely aware that time is money, and accounting for time spent is really important for billing, reporting and planning.

TallyPro is the perfect time tracking software for the NHS. It enables non frontline staff working in transformational commissioning functions in the NHS such as service re-design, market management, healthcare procurement, contract negotiation, information analysis and risk stratification to accurately record the time they spend on different activities.

Contracting on hours spent

If you are providing services on a time spent basis, we have the accurate, simple to use ways of tracking time and activities as the basis for your billing, and also as a means to forecast potential effort based on past experience.


Are your staff frequently distributed across multiple sites, or even out and about on visits and in meetings? No problem, our mobile solutions enable them to log time out and about, with or without an internet connection. They can synch their system once they have a connection, or when they are back in the office.

Your staff can access our time tracking software via any standard web browser on a PC or Mac.

Time tracking software for the NHS

We’re able to tailor our time tracking solutions to your exact requirements: recording time spent on specific projects, sub projects, or providing your specified range of services.

User access can be restricted for confidentiality to provide users with access only to the projects/services relevant to their department. TallyPro time management software is also exceptionally user friendly, with hints to guide users to the correct project or service to post their time to.

We’ve worked hard with previous clients to provide time saving features such as a special ‘apportionment’ function, which allows staff to make one time sheet entry which is then split or apportioned across several clients. Clients can choose the ratio to split the appointment into. We’ve found that this has really speeded up time entry for contracts covering multiple clients.

Access levels

Setting up different user levels is a common requirement. For example:

  • basic – TallyPro App access only
  • admin users – departmental level access
  • full – organisation level access

Talking your language

We are passionate about simplicity and ease of use. When you work with us, we get to know you and your needs. We understand that different industries and organisations have different terminology, so we find out what resonates with you: how you speak, and use your language in your time recording software.

Learning included

We don’t just customise and install, we make sure that the solution really works for you: providing training for your staff and to ‘super users’ who ensure it beds in comfortably.


We know from working with our existing NHS clients the benefits of time recording with TallyPro: you will acquire high quality data enabling you to analyse time spent, productivity levels, plan resourcing, and forecast for pricing new contacts.