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Quality through experience

We’re highly experienced at delivering fully tailored time tracking software for surveyors.

Having worked on many different time tracking software installations we understand your workflow requirements, and have worked through solutions to deliver what you need, in a simple and straightforward interface.

Simple to use

Clients are always amazed at how simple to use and set up TallyPro is. If you’re using spreadsheets or an in-house system to log time, expenses and organise, we guarantee you will be wowed by its capabilities.

Customised time tracking software for surveyors

Our customisation consultancy comes at no additional cost to you. You simply pay the licence fee for the number of users you require. We do the rest.

Whichever billing method you use, we’re able to tailor a timesheet solution directly to meet your needs. Fully branded with your logos, and accessible by staff from desktop or mobile devices anywhere.

We have a strong history of working with surveyors to deliver results, and have worked on countless deployments internationally.

An integrated system

Are you struggling with the time taken on admin to record time, catalogue expenses and pull together invoices? Are your systems integrated? TallyPro takes all these headaches away with a fully integrated and customised system that works how you want it to.

Call us for a demo, and you’ll be surprised how effortless it could be for you to do so much more: we’ll deliver comprehensive functionality that’s easy to use, yet with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. All for a small monthly fee.

So much more than timesheets

Our experience with surveyors has enabled us to create proven time tracker systems that deliver so much more: we’ll take you to a new level of visibility and control over how resources are being utilised. Discover where time is being spent on a real time basis, how you’re performing against budget, current billing status, and so much more. And the time saved by not using outdated and unsuitable systems can be channelled to more billable time to clients.

Do YOU want to?

  • Log time on fixed project work
  • Handle projects in different places
  • Report actuals against budgets, variance analysis, justify additional billing/time recovery v Agreed fees
  • Monitor performance against targets, inform more accurate tender prices based on past performance for Fixed fee contracts
  • Handle multiple project phases against a single job code/client
  • Configure work types to handle different charge rates, departments, and non-chargeable work
  • Report on profitability across all projects/jobs/clients
  • Forecast profitability across all projects/jobs/clients
  • Analyse staff performance against targets/budgets
  • Analyse staff utilisation across the business
  • Auto-generate invoices to clients or integrate with Sage/Xero/Kashflow etc.

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