Tax Advisers

Hassle free tracking

Painless to set up and use

Recording the time you spend advising clients is a doddle with TallyPro. It’s the perfect time tracking software for tax advisers, removing the hassle of time logging – letting you focus on your clients.

Full tailored setup

With TallyPro, you pay a fixed monthly subscription, but you get a fully customised time recording setup. We focus on your specific needs, and tailor the system you receive to meet these.

A time management platform that works the way you do: accessible from anywhere, with detailed logs of time spent per activity, client, staff member, department, account: exactly as you specify it.

Simple time tracking software for tax advisers

Record your time with TallyPro quickly and easily: assigning time to different customer codes, accounts or projects builds a complete picture of how resources are allocated, profitable accounts or activities, and performance levels.

Accurate data

Whether you work on a fixed fee, or time spent basis, access to accurate real time data on how you spend your time is invaluable, enabling you to identify the balance of activities you undertake, and where your most profitable time is spent.

Forecast activity levels based on accurate data. Monitor performance against targets, resourcing levels and more.

Simplified billing integration

TallyPro time recording enables you to simplify the process of generating bills, with accurate breakdowns of time spent on different activities.

How we help tax advisers

  • Record hours by activity
  • Keep track of time while out and about
  • Justify additional billing/time recovery v agreed fees
  • Review actuals time against budget
  • Estimate fees based on previous jobs
  • Generate invoices automatically
  • Integrate billing with your chosen accounting package
  • Justify additional costs incurred with comprehensive breakdowns
  • Analyse profitability across job types, staff members or client accounts
  • Forecast profitability across projects/jobs/clients